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Remote accounting

The third dimension of accounting

Remote service does not require the presence of the client in the accounting office, which allows the entrepreneur to save time and avoid unnecessary duties. The service provided by our office is convenient and very simple. To start cooperation:

Stage I. Contact the office by email or telephone. A short conversation where we answer all questions.

Stage II. Conclusion of the contract, courier or office employee will provide the documents.

Stage III. Receipt of documents from the customer by courier at the expense of the office and delivery to our office.

Stage IV. Implementation of services by the office with a guarantee of reliability and legal liability for customer's bills.

Stage V. Sending information to the client about the financial result and submitting declarations to the Tax Office on behalf of the client.

We deal with everything!

Remote accounting is a very good solution that can be used by all entrepreneurs who face the choice of accounting for their company. It is worth looking for optimal solutions and, as much as possible, facilitate the service of your business. We serve companies from all over Poland.